Artecology (ärt-ĭ-kŏl′ə-jē). Mixed discipline ecology/art dealing with biological relationships between organisms & the built environment.

We are a science & art collaboration between ecological consultants Arc Consulting and public artists Eccleston George. We formed in 2015 with the mission to create a new architectural grammar of ornament, architecture & design for the built environment that speaks to wildlife and people equally. Our first joint 'real space' project as Artecology won a Big Biodiversity Challenge Award 2016. 

Artecology isn't only about enhancing  public spaces & places for the benefit of people and nature, another very important aspect of our work is public engagement. As ecologists and artists we have a wealth of experience working with communities be they businesses, social housing, schools or general public. Creative and meaningful community engagement is crucial to principles that form the bedrock of Artecology.  We have seen how a creative collaborative approach to development can galvanize community engagement and participation on issues that impact on quality of life for everyone and everything.  

What is Artecology actually doing now?

  • Supported by the  Environment Agency, Artecology is creating systems for bioactive building and development: new construction and landscaping materials that deliver enriched environments for wildlife and people alike.
  • Artecology is collaborating with leading universities in green-grey infrastructure and asset resilience research to bring you the most successful solutions for built environments.
  • Artecology is being used for climate-change adaptation, tackling coastal squeeze on defended coasts; as retrofit urban ecosystem enhancement; in masterplanning design guidance for new developments and as a tool for stakeholder engagement.

What are the key advantages of using Artecology?

• Maximize ecological gains and build-in ecosystem services at the masterplanning stage, simplifying compliance and regulation and save on planning agreements and conditions later.
• Make the built landscape a part of the site's ecological functionality; make architectural distinctiveness work for people and wildlife.
• Retrofit Artecology to existing structures and features, repair sites with our bioactive materials, or use our textured form templates for new construction.
• Combine Artecology hard and soft landscaping specifications to install green-grey effects and benefits into constrained sites.
• Create public spaces that deliver and sustain wellbeing and high social return on investment, CSR and legacy.
• Build-in biological asset resilience to your project, reducing site maintenanceand increasing value.

• Combat climate change and futureproof your projects, add adaptive capacity and resilience to your engineering.