BioActive Tiles 

Modular systems providing simple sculpted units with high ornamental value and surface textures providing small-scale habitats for wildlife.


BioActive Tiles

Design: 25cm square and hexagonal tiles, sand and mould cast with surface textures and internal structure enabling wildlife colonisation. Tiles can be highly decorative or simply ornate, they can be made on-site to collect and incorporate local substrate and can be installed singly as feature items, or tessellated in groups and arrays. Designs can be customised to target specific wildlife, for example a pollinator tile, or used as a more general host space for species such as Asplenium ferns and Salticid spiders. 

Materials: high performance concrete, sculpting medium.

Installation: tiles can be cemented into place or set into frames and bolted or screwed onto surfaces as ready-made arrays. 

Purpose: To provide biologically favourable ornament for public and private spaces, a simple modular system for environmental enhancement in the built environment. 

Special applications: the modular nature of the BioActive tile system makes it ideal for retrofitting ecological net gain to existing infrastructure:

Sea Tiles 

Increasing richness of marine species on and around marine infrastructure, creating a hotspot site for public engagement at the same time. Field testing has shown that textured tiles are up to 8 times more abundant in species and biodiversity than the flat sea wall alongside.

To find out more and see preliminary results from Glasgow University, see here.

Heart and Dart Eel Pass

A tiled eel and fish pass installed onto an existing road culvert and spillway, avoiding the need for costly re-engineering. This approach met regulatory requirements (Environment Agency) and enabled road and culvert repairs to be completed without delays.

See our eel project here