Bouldnor: Vertipools 


-          Explore how different textures and structures attract and support different intertidal wildlife.

-          To measure the species richness and abundance against natural shore pools.

-          To create a long-term research location for university and school students to monitor and evaluate pool performance.


Bournemouth University | Yarmouth Primary School | CCATCH | Yarmouth Town Council |Isle of Wight Council Environment Agency | Solent Forum | Hampshire County Council


Methods of Design and Installation

A variety of textures were imprinted onto the interior and the exterior of the pools. One pool was designed by school children at Yarmouth Primary through the CCATCH programme and served as a point of engagement with school and community around the topics of climate change adaptation, coastal squeeze and marine conservation work. The pool array has formed a core part of PhD research by Alice Hall at Bournemouth University.


Results and Development

Survey results show that pools have matched and in some cases out-performed natural shore features in species richness. The efficacy of the staggered array, supporting species representative of different intertidal zones, is also clearly demonstrated. The Vertipool is now a registered design. 2 further designs undergoing field trials.