East Cowes: Vertipools


-          Improve intertidal habitat on a significantly altered shoreline within Cowes Harbour.

-          Meet planning and policy environmental conditions relating to a chain ferry renovation at the site.

-          Create an ecological hotspot site of interest accessible to the public.

-          Provide interpretation on coastal wildlife, Artecology and marine conservation work.


 Isle of Wight County Council


Methods of Design and Installation

Two different textures were used to explore new opportunities of design in heavily urbanised and actively used port/harbour environment. Folded and stretched fabric was used in the texturing process creating new complexity within the surface pattern. The units were supplied to site contractors with a fixing specification and were installed as part of the wider chain ferry site works.


Results and Development

Collaboration with Isle of Wight Council supported infrastructure objectives (completion of cross-Medina ferry link), ecological enhancement of designated habitats and community engagement in marine conservation work.