Edinburgh: Vertipools and Rockpools 


-          Install vertipools at Cramond, Firth of Forth for both ecological enhancement and as a means of public engagement with the biodiversity of the site.

-           Work with local schools to explore intertidal wildlife in the same area and to sculpt small rockpools onto existing rock armour using high-performance, quick-setting concrete.


Scottish Wildlife Trust | Glasgow University | Edinburgh School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture | Concrete in the Classroom | Royal Botanic Garden Edinburgh | NERC


Methods of Design and Installation 

Pre-cast and delivered to site, installation takes approximately 30 mins. The lower tide pool had a larger volume and a narrow lip, the upper pool the reverse.



It is predicted that the pools will take a couple more months to sufficiently populate for monitoring purposes.  Bournemouth University PhD student Alice Hall will be continuing to assess the Vertipools at previous installation sites. 


BBC Newsround 

The involvement and engagement events with local schools on the day of installation also attracted media attention. 

Catch the coverage here.