Fishbourne: Vertipools 


-          Create a collaborative partnership with Wightlink, providing compliance support for planning and condition discharge, ecological enhancement, marine conservation research and corporate legacy.

-          Test a new pool design for sediment capture.

-          Demonstrate cost-effective marine infrastructure enhancement for wildlife.




Methods of Design and Installation

A set of 5 pools were designed and made for the site. Each has a different external texture and a different sculpted pool design. A 6th pool, stainless steel with internal drainage design, was included in the array in order to test the possibility of retaining sediment and creating a ‘perched’ mudflat; monitoring will establish whether a marine worm fauna comparable with that of the existing intertidal area can establish and sustain.

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Results and Development

After a year since installation, monitoring undertaken alongside Dr Alice Hall identified a diverse number of species inhabiting inside and around the pools (approximately 27 species). Some of which including sea sponges, sea spiders, sea squirts, crabs and a vast number of algae species. This was a welcoming find in a relatively turbulent, industrial environment.

The concept and design of the pool array has been effective in building positive public awareness and, in part, tempering community concerns over other aspects of the terminal’s expansion.

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