Ponds are disappearing from our towns and countryside: abandoned, polluted, filled in and built over. The wildlife and community value they might provide is often missing from new development because of fears of liability and maintenance. Micro-pools provide a solution and an easy way to deliver ecological gains quickly, whether in a permanent location, or as a temporary installation on a site in transition. They are portable and so can be used to create groups and arrays that can change or move altogether as required. 

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Design: 25 L pool. Moulded to create stalagmitic micro-topography, a 40% increase in internal surface area through biologically favourable textured lining. Delivers rapid colonization of aquatic invertebrates, supports amphibians. 

Materials: High performance concrete, sculpting medium. 

Installation: Free standing or fixed, sunken or raised, grouped or single. A versatile and portable wildlife enhancement for any environment. 

Purpose: Provides fast ecological gain, enhancement to built environment, civic squares, public realm, schools, businesses and homes. Can be used to deliver ‘meanwhile’ biodiversity benefit on working sites, retained in final layout or moved/gifted to nearby location. Also provides ‘rapid response’ solutions where pond replacement or creation is required in development and compliance situations; decorative and ecological functional, from enhancements to green roofs to improved wildlife value on motorway verges. Endlessly versatile.

Mini Pools have been installed in Sandown and at Hordle Primary School, to find out more see the Hordle Project.

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