Hordle Primary School 


-          Test the practicality of constructing and installing small, portable terrestrial pools.

-          Explore the impact of different concrete lining textures on colonization, diversity, richness.

-          Design a modular conservation unit for grouping.

-          Create a simple and affordable educational tool for environmental education.



Arc Consulting | Hordle Primary School



2 terrestrial Vertipools were installed along the wall of a classroom at reaching height for the children. A stepped interior creates a visible gradient of different species while the textured exteriors provide additional possibilities for colonisation and for engagement with the process.


Artificial Rock Stream and Pool

The school had recently drained a small pond in the playground garden; and a new structure was custom-built to restore the lost habitat and playground garden. Onsite design and construction of a pooled stream to created a natural-lookingstructure, habitable for pond-life, accessible for classes. Pupils were also involved with the construction phase, contributing to elements of the design, learning the principles of Artecology, construction and habitat creation for pond species.


Artificial Pools

Pool textures were created by earth casting over folded paper templates, increasing internal surface area by a minimum of 30%. Installation can be free-standing, raised or set into the ground; single or aggregated. Pool volumes are between 10 and 25 litres (designed to remain a size that can be easily moved).


Results and Development

Results from the first 18 months of trials show the micro-pools rapidly acquiring amphibian, dragonfly and freshwater crustacean species together with floating aquatic plants.