Mini Pools: Boscombe


-          Create a hotspot of ecological activity that is publically accessible, part of the BioBeach.

-          Test new structures and sizes of the pools and measure the colonization performance,               researched by Bournemouth University PhD researcher Alice Hall


Bournemouth County Council | Bournemouth University


Design and Installation

The vertipools were not only designed to be significantly smaller, they were also attached to the base of groynes using adjustable straps. Textures were also varied between the 8 pools, sand cast on-site incorporating local materials into construction.


Installation of these pools were more flexible because of the use of the strappable design. The method was developed as an alternative approach to drilling into the groynes.  


Results and Development

Rapid colonisation by algae, barnacles, molluscs. The pools have continued to mature and improve despite temporary burial under beach-feeding. The design has proved resilient and highly attractive to intertidal species.