Sandown: Tyre Pools 


-          Experiment with recycled tyres to explore effectiveness as constructed intertidal habitats.

-          Set up a site for close monitoring by both Artecology and Bournemouth University

-          Set out on a public beach as part of the Discovery Bay campaign for wildlife encounter and citizen science.


Bournemouth University | Isle of Wight Council (Coastal Protection, Parks and Beaches)


Methods of Design and Installation 

Recycled tyres were cut in half, folded, stapled and bolted in pairs to north and south sides of a beach groyne in Sandown Bay at a mid-tide level. Each pool was fitted with an internal flap (made from recycled oil-boom) to create a ‘crevice’ niche.


Results and Development 

After 2 years of field trials the results are remarkable. Species not recorded in the Bay have colonized, particularly favouring the ‘under-flap’ habitat. Sea squirts, bryozoans, hydroids, nudibranchs, molluscs, crustaceans and fish species have all been recorded and continue to establish. The work of PhD researcher Alice Hall, investigating the biological value of the built marine and coastal environment, will report on these trials.