Handmade small habitats



Artecology produces new designs in nest and roost boxes for invertebrates, small mammals and songbirds. Bird boxes are hole and open-fronted, tree-creeper, wagtail, wren and a variety of other specific and general designs, all in a lightweight but durable concrete mix. Boxes are simply installed with straps, screws or nails but we have also created a ‘scrub box’ which is self-supporting in thorn hedgerows and similar dense cover and can simply be pushed into place; these are also suitable for woodmouse and dormouse.

Bat boxes come in large and small sizes, from maternity roosts to smaller crevice, fissure, hazard-beam and bark-lift models. All of our bird and bat boxes are specially textured to accelerate lichen and bryophyte cover, creating a naturalised external surface.

Our invertebrate range includes bumblebee ‘scatter’ nests, solitary bee ground-nest pods, ant nest bowls, and subterranean soil fauna ollas all of which can be grouped, rearranged or moved between urban locations to share, translocate or boost local populations.