Shanklin BioTiles


-          Design and install sets of 250 x 250mm texture concrete tiles for installation in intertidal arrays on existing infrastructure.

-          Work with Glasgow University to monitor speed of colonisation and species diversity across designs and array positions.


Glasgow University | Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh | NERC | Isle of Wight Council (coastal protection team)


Methods of Design and Installation

Tiles are made from ‘natural cement’ concrete mixes, sand-cast and textured from a variety of objects to create maximum surface complexity (wrinkled foil, fabric, folded paper etc.). The tiles were cemented in place in spring 2016 and continue to be monitored as part of PhD work.


Results and Development

Glasgow PhD researcher, Mairi Macarthur, is documenting colonisation focussing particularly on barnacle settlement and growth. Favoured textures may be useful in the design of marine infrastructure for enhanced asset resilience. Early results suggest textures with high levels of surface complexity are most successful.