Designed and tested as infrastructure adaptations to climate change and coastal squeeze, these built habitats have proven extremely effective in boosting biodiversity on defended coasts. They offer a simple and versatile solution to the need for ecological gain in urban marine environments. 

 Hordle Primary School 

Hordle Primary School 



Bouldnor Vertipool 

Design: 10L sculpted tide pool with textured external surface for marine colonisation. Structured to withstand high energy coasts, working harbours and estuarine environments. Can be deployed singly for public wildlife encounter and citizen science, or in arrays set at 10m to 30m intervals along structures for maximum ecological gains. A lightweight version is available for school, garden, park or private ‘hanging garden’ terrestrial installations. 

Materials: High-performance concrete and sculpting medium over a steel frame. Installation instructions provided. 

Purpose: Conceived to assist in adapting the intertidal environment to sea level rise and coastal squeeze on defended and urban coastlines. Field testing demonstrates high performance refuge provision for key species with richness scores exceeding natural shore pools. The Vertipool has been used to provide simple solutions to ecological mitigation and enhancement requirements in coastal development and engineering.

Locations installed: Bouldnor, Yarmouth IOW | Medina Estuary, Fishbourne IOW | East Cowes, IOW | Edinburgh | Hordle Primary School, New Forest


bos mini pools .png

Boscombe Vertipool 

Design: 3.5L tide pool for smaller marine structures and defences and more restricted spaces. Texture interior and exterior surfaces to optimise colonisation. Can be deployed singly for public wildlife encounter or in arrays set at 10m to 30m intervals along structures for maximum ecological gains. 

Materials: High performance concrete, sculpting medium, steel frame. Can be sand-cast on-site in local substrate. 

Installation: Bracket and strap system for beam systems. Instructions provided. 

Purpose: To enhance built coastal environments, provide intertidal refuge for marine wildlife, create recreational and wildlife exploration value on public beaches and shorelines; solve performance and compliance requirements for ecological net gain.

Locations: Boscombe, Bournemouth

Compton Vertipool Array 20 08 17 (20).JPG

Compton Vertipool 

Design: an intermediate design between the Bouldnor and Boscombe models, created for gabion walls and banks. Features textured exterior and complex patterned lining for maximum surface area. Robust shaping makes this a durable and resilient model for challenging locations.

Materials: High performance concrete and sculpting medium over a steel frame. Gabion installation via back plates inserted into the gabion packing with pools attached after.

Purpose: designed particularly to be set out in clusters and arrays (though can be used singly), as tidal pools, or for catching and utilising overflows and piped outfalls, versatile smaller pool for public beaches.

Ten solitary Bee Blocks were also set in position and planted with native coastal flora. 

Locations: Compton, Isle of Wight