Geometric barnacle colonisation on an Artecology bio-tile.

Geometric barnacle colonisation on an Artecology bio-tile.

Artecology is an innovative UK ‘environmental impact’ company based in the Isle of Wight UNESCO Biosphere Reserve. We work with industry and research partners to create bioreceptive construction and landscape designs for marine, freshwater and land based development. Artecology shapes green life-cycle solutions from new build, to retrofit and repair, from city to sea. Using Nature Based Solutions we are here to help you get to grips with Net Gain for wildlife and build Natural Capital in line with recommendations and regulations outlined in the U.K Government’s 25 Year Environmental Plan.

We are a world-class cross-discipline collaboration of ecologists, artists, scientists, engineers and architects developing constructed wildlife habitats within the built environment. In addition to our R&D work we have product sales, we accept commissioned projects, give unparalleled ecological consultative advice and deliver training and talks. 

Our products and services include artificial rockpools (award-winning Vertipools) and bio-tiles for the marine environment, designed-in habitats, functional public green spaces and wildlife friendly urban landscapes. Our ongoing work to bring wildlife to urban spaces and places is being used today for climate-change adaptation, tackling coastal squeeze on defended coasts; as retrofit urban ecosystem enhancement; in master-planning design guidance for new developments; as a tool for stakeholder engagement, and increasingly, for rethinking public health strategy using our own ‘Habitats for Humans’ directive.


We combine the design and build of beautiful installations with ecologically functional planting schemes and habitat creation. By doing this we create hot spots of wildlife activity which provide life-cycle resources for birds, mammals, invertebrates, reptiles, amphibians, fish and marine life. Working this way means we enriched environments for wildlife and people like.

Artecology advises on national infrastructure projects and is part of the Integrated Green-Grey Infrastructure network. We are members of The Cluster for Sustainable Cities, initiators of Building Biodiversity in the Solent administered by The Solent Forum and we are on the judging panel for the Construction Industry Research & Information Association’s Big Biodiversity Award.

So to conclude, our palette of skills and knowledge is unusually wide ranging, and as such we are uniquely placed to offer specialist advice on policy and practice in green-grey infrastructure, net gain, natural capital and built asset/community resilience using tried and tested nature based solutions.