Ceramic Knitting !

We're always on the lookout for great ideas that we might incorporate into the Artecology method - bioreceptive built environments with a strong design aesthetic. And so it was with much excitement that we opened a box of extraordinary things from artist Felicity Jowitt, a 3rd year student at Bath Spa University.  Inside, carefully wrapped, were the most exquisite panels of handmade ceramic knitting - textile dipped in stoneware and then glazed! The result is a highly complex, perforated surface with enormous potential for colonisation as part of a cladding system or ornamental tile array. The pH and surface chemistry of these ceramics are quite different to the concrete and cement designs that make up the bulk of our manufacture and so will lead to new and interesting patterns of, for example, bryophyte and lichen encrustation, something we are testing at the moment.

Watch this space for more beautiful creations from Felicity and the results of our field experiments !